Georgia's Photography

A collection of an eighteen year old girl's attempts at photography. Here you'll find my favourite photos and the occasional video or GIF.

Everything posted on here is mine, so please don't steal. Check out the tags if you want to see something in particular. I like pineapples.

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Anonymous said: you take wonderful photos! x

thank you very much :)


Anonymous said: You used to? What happened to it? Did you delete it?

So many questions! I had two different ones between 2010 and 2012ish and I gave them to someone else, I can’t even remember the password and stuff now.


Anonymous said: hi can i follow you on twitter?

Yeah sure it’s @giordizzle :)


Anonymous said: do you have a 1d tumblr? maybe i could follow you x

Not anymore, I used to! I have other blogs that I use though. :)


Anonymous said: i read your answered and i came upon questions about you taking photos of ed and 1d in concerts. did you like 1d and ed?

Yep, I do like 1D and Ed, their shows are always so good. :)


Anonymous said: i like your photos so much :-)

Thank you very much! :) xxxx


Anonymous said: hiiiiiiiii, i was looking for your 5sos blog and saw you changed the url? what's your url now? :)

message me off anon - I don’t really give people my personal/fan blogs on here ‘cause I’d like to keep it separate. :)


Anonymous said: why camera did you use for these? /post/54385073576 , /post/39423447460 , /post/45368888579 , they're really good

Thanks, I used my Nikon D3100 :)